Hi i'm Ellie,

For as long as I can remember, I've loved creating things...

From an early age I decided I wanted to work in the fashion industry and once my mind was made up, that was it.

Following an Art foundation course, I set off to Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication to study for a degree in Womenswear design. During my second year I opted to go to New York for my internship, landing a place at the prestigious Nylon magazine and I felt like all my dreams had come true. Whilst at the magazine I happened to show the editor a t-shirt we had designed for a college project, he loved the design recommended a few tweaks and suggested I reprinted one and sent it back to him asap. One hungover morning I dutifully printed the t-shirt and send it away to New York, not thinking too much of it. As I sat in my weekend job at an estate agents I suddenly noticed 600 new emails in my account, thinking I had been spammed I started reading though and they were all related to t-shirts. The editor informed me that he had photographed the t-shirt, included it in his email newsletter…and sent it out to 250,000 worldwide… I freaked. I had one t-shirt and hundreds of requests for press releases, wholesale enquiries, stockist information…where do I start?! .

Within a few weeks I had sourced a collection of modal jersey tees, created my branding, built a website with the help of a clever friend (this was 2004 so things were a bit more basic back then!), roped in a friend to model the shirts for my shoot and started selling my t-shirts worldwide. My passion for ecommerce was born. You can sell things all over the world from the click of a button, it was that easy and I was hooked.

Following on from that moment, I have carved my way into the fashion industry, working in house for brands including Lulu Guinness, Caramel London, Harvey Nichols and then as a consultant, initially as a part of an agency advising brands from House of Holland, Flowerbx, Gina Shoes, and Bodas London to starting up my own consultancy in 2019. I now work independently and as part of the amazing A Few Great Women team. I am so lucky to work some incredible clients now and love what I do. It’s been a journey and a half, but boy has it been worth it.