Brands Supporting COVID-19 Relief Effort

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change lives globally, it’s encouraging to see brands in the spotlight who support those in need.

I am fortunate to have been working with @sepjordan a social enterprise project set up in the Jerash ‘Gaza’ camp in Jordan. Employing skilled artists, crafts people and embroiderers who happen to be refugees, to work for the brand with the intention of creating sustainable paths to economic independence for hundreds of women and their families.

During the pandemic, $20 from every order will be spent in hand sanitisers, medicines and food in the Jerash camps to help those most vulnerable. A diary of SEP’s struggles to continue to help during lock down is published on their blog and its worth a read.

It’s really encouraging to see brands like this highlighted at such times and hope that there will be even more support for them now and in the future.

Are there any brands out there which you are seeing evolve or have had their charitable efforts highlighted during the pandemic?


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