How Can Reviews Help Convert Customers on Your Ecommerce Site

As an ecommerce business, you are always looking for ways to convert visitors into customers. One powerful tool that can help you achieve this is customer reviews. In this blog post, we will explore why reviews can be such a powerful tool for converting customers on your ecommerce site. Customer reviews can be a powerful […]

NOW LIVE! E-Commerce Fundamentals: Launching an Online Store from Scratch

LEARN HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY BUILD AND MARKET AN ONLINE STORE WITH ACTIONABLE E-COMMERCE STRATEGIES WITH MY NEWLY LAUNCHED DOMESTIKA COURSE ONLINE After almost a year in the making, my Domestika course is now live and available to buy online from this month. So before you decide whether it’s for you, find out a bit more […]

How do I choose the best website platform?

Choosing the right platform for you is a big decision whether you’re relaunching an existing business or starting from scratch. Here’s a few tips to consider when you’re working through the process… What’s your business objective? Content or ecommerce you need to set out your intentions for the platform from the beginning to ensure you’re […]


This week has been a bit of a blur, managing my usual client commitments alongside building a website for a client from start to finish in 7 days. This whole process, as ever has been a learning curve and I have been quite astounded by how far the world of website creation has come on. […]


Working as an ecommerce consultant it’s one of the first questions I get asked ‘ how can we increase our conversion rate?’ Starting with the basics, firstly, what is a ‘good’ conversion rate and where should we be aiming for? For fashion retail markets, anything between 1 and 2% is what you should be aiming […]