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A recent poll by @harvard_business_review review stated that statutory working from home has decreased productivity levels in workers and has found that implementing more creative working processes increases motivation and productivity.

So what does this mean? Focusing on more adaptive performance (i.e experimentation and problem solving) over the tactical day to day work tasks can increase productivity to help inspire and diversify your schedule for the working week ahead. With that in mind, here’s a few ideas on how you can add some creative processes to your working week…

Reflect ?

What methods are you adopting whilst working at home which are working well? Which ones not so well? Making a note of dos and don’ts with your working practice will help you to adapt and change your approach.

Support ✨

How can you help others (or can others help you) for the coming week’s tasks. Talking to others and reaching out for advice often opens up interesting conversations and routes for other opportunities.

Mix it up ⚡️

Vary your approach to your work. We are all creatures of habit and sometimes it’s good to vary your approach to your working practice to see if there’s a more effective/enjoyable/efficient way to do it. Get outside your comfort zone and mix it up!

I hope that helps you to think about things as we enter this new week in lockdown, what methods do you use to manage your productivity when working from home?


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