Working as an ecommerce consultant it’s one of the first questions I get asked ‘ how can we increase our conversion rate?’ Starting with the basics, firstly, what is a ‘good’ conversion rate and where should we be aiming for? For fashion retail markets, anything between 1 and 2% is what you should be aiming for.

How do you calculate conversion rate? The rate is calculated by dividing conversions by visitors ( so 1000 visitors and 10 conversions means a conversion rate of 1%). Its daunting to realise how many people you need to get through your online doors to get your conversion up, so here’s a my top tips on how to make those visitors stay (and more importantly shop!) .

Incentivize ?

Make them an offer they can’t refuse! Offer free delivery or returns, (even for a limited period of time) to tempt that shopper to buy. Ensure your incentive is obvious for potential customers as soon as they arrive on the homepage, top banners are great for this as they follow the customer around on their journey through the website. .

Be on hand ?

Consider live chat features on your site with any immediate questions your potential customers might have. If they have an answer straight away without having to wait for an email reply back, they are more likely to convert to a sale.

Follow up ?

Your potential customer has spent time browsing the site, looked at some products and maybe even added to their basket but hasn’t completed the sale. Follow up with a beautifully designed, branded retargeting email reminding them of the great items they have seen and explain why they can’t miss out on that item. .

How many of these are you currently doing on your site and how have they performed so far? .
If you need more information on any of the info above, please don’t hesitate to message me ✨


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