Ecommerce Trends Report 2023


Ecommerce has been rapidly evolving over the years, and 2023 is expected to bring even more exciting changes and advancements in the industry. Here are the top ecommerce trends that businesses and consumers can expect in 2023

Rise of Social Commerce

Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest are becoming more shoppable, with features like shoppable posts, product tagging and in-app purchasing. Brands are also leveraging these platforms for advertising, customer engagement and as a sales channel.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML are increasingly being used in ecommerce for personalisation, product recommendations, chatbots, fraud detection and even predictive analytics. These technologies are helping ecommerce businesses to offer a seamless, omnichannel shopping experience

Subscription-based Models

Subscription-based models are becoming more popular, especially in niche markets, where customers can receive regular deliveries of their favourite products. These models offer benefits like convenience, cost savings and the ability to build a long-lasting relationship with customers.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR technologies are being used in ecommerce to provide customers with a more immersive shopping experience. These technologies allow customers to see products in 3D, try them on virtually and get a feel for the product before making a purchase.

Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming a key concern for consumers, and ecommerce businesses are taking note. Brands are adopting sustainable practices, such as reducing waste, using eco-friendly packaging and sourcing products from sustainable suppliers.

Mobile-First Strategy

Mobile devices are becoming the primary device for online shopping, and businesses are adopting a mobile-first strategy to ensure a seamless experience for customers. This includes mobile-optimised websites, mobile apps and mobile payment options.

In Summary…

These are some of the key ecommerce trends that businesses and consumers can expect in 2023. As technology continues to evolve and customer expectations change, ecommerce businesses will need to adapt and stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive. If you would like to speak to us about any areas of your ecommerce business and how you can improve sales, speak to us today.


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